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Dear #TruePrincesses! Please submit your prayer requests here so I can lift you up in prayer. Use the comment box on the bottom of this page for each prayer request.

Also, below is a list of some Christian prayer examples to help you in your conversations with God. I listed them by the topics I think will be the most helpful.

Sometimes I get asked why I’m doing this. Here’s why…

Online Prayer Request

Why did I create this online prayer request page? Because so many people prayed for me throughout my journey of life, and prayers of others helped me persevere and heal.

Everyone needs prayers. Who’s lifting YOU up to God? Submit your prayer request in comments below and I will pray for you.

Let me know about your life situation. Tell me your first name. Help me understand what you need. Describe the challenges you’re going through so that I can create the prayers that are tailored to your unique situation.

I typically write out all my prayers either digitally or in my paper journal.

Why prayers matter?

It’s good when others walk with us and pray for us.

It’s also important that we ourselves pray to God.

There are many mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Christian prayer.

Benefits of Prayer

  1. Prayers help us communicate our thoughts out loud
  2. Prayers allow us to understand our life and process it
  3. Prayers encourage us to have genuine conversations with God
  4. Prayers rejuvenate our soul and renew our hope
  5. Prayers express our faith declaring our confidence in God’s promises

You can experience the benefits of Christian prayer whether you yourself pray or someone prays for you.

I am here to lift you up, so use this page as your online prayer request submission form. I read comments daily.

If you’d like to pray for yourself and don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you have genuine conversations with God.

Conversations with God

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Pray to God

  1. Decide to pray to God wherever you are, regardless of your surroundings or appearances

    How To Pray Anywhere Any Time

  2. Focus on God’s promises in the Bible, declare to Him that you trust His faithfulness and goodness

    Christian Meditation for women by Anna Szabo

  3. Open your heart to God in prayer and cast your anxieties and worries of Him because He cares

    Anna Szabo's 6 pillars of joyful living on Online Discipleship For Women - FELICITY.png

  4. Believe wholeheartedly that God hears your prayer requests and will answer them

    Anna Szabo's 6 pillars of joyful living on Online Discipleship For Women - FAITH

Here’s a YouTube video I created talking about how to pray to God:

Christian Prayer Examples

If you’re interested in praying about a specific topic but just can’t seem to find the right words, below are some of the prayers I created to help you.

Prayer about God’s Guidance 

Lord, I need you every hour, every moment of every day.

I need your guidance, your mercy, hold on to me tight.

I need you to never let go of me as I pray.

I need you to lead me, to renew me, to help me stay humble & kind. 

Every morning I start with my list of gratitude, God.

Every day I realize my weakness and your strength in it.

Every moment I reach out to you because I never forgot,

That I need you… Without you I’ve already reached my limit.

Prayer for God’s Healing

You give or allow adversity.

“Why?” – I  ask myself often.

To develop our character diversity – 

You love us too much & this faith makes my heart soften.

To ensure we are more Christ-like,

To prepare us for eternity,

Though the journey can be quite a hike,

It helps to have support of our Christian fraternity.

We suffer, struggle, and hustle

But there’s no failing.

We develop our faith muscle.

Though often we appear ailing.

When we stumble upon a road block,

We must remember your promises in the word.

Even if we just stand there & gawk,

We are truly failing forward as long as we become a dedicated Bible nerd.

On our journey to sanctification 

We must believe that you’re always good.

You sent your only son to pay for our salvation.

I wouldn’t want to take His place even if I could.

Remembering what happened on the cross,

I’m in awe from your perfect love:

You endured such an unimaginable loss,

To promote me in this life beyond & above.

And in the light of your selfless sacrifice,

I’m leaving the earthly chaotic mayhem sea walking shoreward,

My failures have been redeemed at a bloody price,

So as your special, chosen, beloved daughter, I am only failing forward.

Prayer for God’s Peace

Your peace rules now in my heart,

With love and joy and full devotion.

I don’t pursue or seek it hard –

From abiding in you comes this sacred emotion. 

I make every effort to live in peace

With everyone, but I fail often.

From condemnation with mercy me you release.

Through the humbling journey my heart you soften.

I cast my anxieties on you in prayer,

Because you care & your son for me you sacrificed.

I don’t do wrong for wrong & evade every naysayer,

Your peace guards my mind & heart in Jesus Christ. 

Prayer for God’s Love

I’m hurt and overwhelmed, God.

I feel weak and I need your strength.

I need your help with the very basics of life.

I can’t do anything on my own anymore.

I love you more than I love anyone else. 

I want to honor you more than I want anything.

I ask for peace that passes all understanding.

I need your love to comfort me with affection.

Prayer for God’s Special Grace

We often ask in desperation 

If you are actually always good:

Some Bible verses cause frustration,

Their meaning is misunderstood.

We wonder if a good, good Father

Who promised numbering our hair,

Protecting us, promoting further..

Can actually cause us such despair…

These days I’m studying you closely,

By trials I  now am refined.

On grace my mind is focused mostly –

Your common grace and special kind.

You give your common grace to many,

No matter lifestyle or belief,

By meeting basic needs of any

Policeman, president, or thief. 

But there’s also special blessing

You give to some with special grace – 

Divorce, or cancer, or depressing

Brain tumor, or a stalking case.

The loss of child to a shooting,

Or jumping off a building top,

Or drugs addiction, prosecuting,

Or taking pills at school workshop.

Or being pregnant with dead baby,

Or being homeless for a while,

Enduring violence, rape, or maybe

Surviving workplace that’s hostile.

Can really be that, God, your kindness

And goodness, mercifulness and grace

Are all our own naive and blindness,

And other view we must embrace? 

But asking this, I look back closely

On one example of my life:

Domestic violence, despair mostly,

Enduring beatings, threats, and strife.

It wasn’t pretty at the time,

But looking back, I see your purpose – 

You drew me to you through that crime,

To my eternity that was a service.

Another instance is divorce

With man who lured me into marriage –

Not anything you would endorse

Still… you work it to my advantage.

You grew me, pruned me, rid me of

My flesh, my anger and resentment,

Replacing them with skills to love,

With joy, with peace, and with contentment.

So, God, can actually I agree

That you are good and your will’s perfect?

I know my trials you decree,

But from the pain I always profit.

I gain awareness, I get gifts

Of faith, and hope & perseverance,

On you rely I as life shifts

From good to bad, I trust your interference.

I trust your plan. I trust your word.

I trust your truth and your commitment

To my eternal life of blessings unheard,

Unimagined blessings and a royal treatment.

And celebration party in my name,

A feast  with Jesus in His glory,

Saluting reasons why I came –

My messed up life and troubled story.

In mess, you drew me close to you,

Revealing purposefully your goodness,

You made me like a baby – new.

You gave me heaven and fresh pureness.

You’ve taught me grace, you’ve taught me love,

Acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness,

About you I’ve learned enough

To be adversity-resilient and fearless.

I claim you’re good. I claim you’re my

Protective, loving, caring Father.

I hurt from pain, I can’t deny

But through tough times you’ve grown me further.

I thank you for your special grace,

I thank you for each gift and blessing,

I thank you for my life’s imperfect user interface,

I thank you for this faith I’m now openly expressing. 

Prayer for the Presence of Jesus

You called us to confess, repent, ask forgiveness.

You called us to rejoice and go the second mile.

Of your amazing grace I’ve now been a witness

And want to follow you with genuine desire.

You called us not to lust and Father’s law to honor,

Our enemies to love and practice self-control.

Your verses are engraved inside my heart as banner

Reminding me that you’re the owner of my soul.

You called us not to judge and choose the narrow pathway,

To ask, and seek, and knock, and treasures to give up.

You asked us not to fear, regardless of the dismay,

To be courageous, strong, and daringly standup.

You asked us to be servants, to pray in faith and sureness

That you will hear our crying and answer every time.

You asked us not to doubt and demonstrate matureness,

So others come to you observing us in prime. 

For gift of my salvation to you I’m very grateful,

I want to honor you and patiently obey.

In trials and tribulations I am remaining faithful,

Remembering you’re near and never far away.

Prayer for Prosperity 

Dear God,

I thank you for meeting my every need.

Life is tough and weary at this time,

But I haven’t gone without, indeed,

And I’ve learned to live abundantly on just a dime.

God, I’ve prayed to you for purpose and peace,

But today I’m praying for opportunity and prosperity.

As I’m standing here crying on my knees,

About how to make ends meet I have no clarity.

God, I know your plan for me is to prosper.

I’ve lost everything and I wonder how to survive.

I’m so devastated in this financial disaster,

But my hope is in you, and you want me to thrive.

God, please help me and show me the way.

What is my next step to be able to make a good living? 

I’m not ashamed about money to pray.

In your promise of my prosperity I am believing.

Prayer for Your Husband

God, I’m praying for my husband,

Thanking you for him at first

And confessing him I love, and

Asking you to fill his thirst..

To be Christ-like and a leader,

Sober-minded and steadfast,

Sacrificial and truth-seeker,

Dignified, with sound faith…

Self-controlling be and loving,

Peaceful and understanding,

To be honoring, churchgoing,

And provider outstanding. 

Thank you, God, again for him,

Thank you for his precious life,

Bless him, Father, and redeem,

In Jesus’ name – his loving wife.

Prayer for Trust in God’s Plan 

You said we will have troubles in this world.

I would have sure preferred to avoid all my  trials…

But you also promised to defeat every sword,

And with no battles to fight, how could I ever feel the perfect love as your special child? 

You promised protection, you promised peace.

You asked to not lean on my own comprehension.

So, as I’m standing here, crying on my knees,

I trust you still and your perfect plan for my eternal salvation.

Payer for Wisdom

I am wise and I show a good judgement.

Jesus has become for us wisdom from God.

My experiences for the hope of others are meant.

My wisdom is with the Holy Spirit intact.

I am prudent and I show a keen mental discernment.

My conduct is in accordance with God’s Word determined.

I am careful, reasonable, certain, and decreed.

I am aware, rational, logical, and concrete.

Prayer Declaring Surrender to God 

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

By God Almighty, the Great I Am.

Old things all past away at once,

And I am a new creation in Christ.

I die in my flesh and walk in the Spirit,

I choose kindness and humbleness.

The harder the journey, the more I grow from it.

You offer to me no condemnation 

And you provide an escape

From every temptation.

I choose to lose so I can win,

I’m prudent, not simple, following your written will.

I go through trials and learn my lessons daily but often stumble.

I know you prune me to be more fruitful, but my life I often shamble.

Please lift this heavy burden off of me,

You say your yoke is easy, I’m surrendered to Thee.

Prayer Declaring Love for God

I always knew you loved me, God.

I never felt by you abandoned.

I felt a range of feelings broad –

Excited, grateful, and enchanted.

Just now though I’m feeling love

For you, that’s deep and wide and pressing.

The more in gratitude I dove,

The more I saw my life as blessing.

I love you back. I love you much.

I love your peace and even trouble.

I love your word, I love your touch.

I love your blessing and your struggle.

I love your perfect plan for me.

I love your love that’s grace and fairness.

With you I don’t always agree,

But thanks for teaching me awareness

That on your hand you hold me close

And won’t let go, you’ve never failed me.

Your special daughter, me you chose,

Your precious handiwork you made me.

You love me more, I know it, God,

But love for you is my new pleasure.

Your passion for me I never forgot,

It’s my passion for you that I now so treasure. 

Prayer Declaring Admiration for God

God, I admire you for who you are:

A good good father and a sovereign king.

From your perfection I’m in genuine awe –

Beauty out of ashes you always bring.

I admire your wisdom and infinite intelligence.

I admire your kindness and amazing grace.

My everyday life is of your mercy evidence:

From every suffering you propel me to a better place.  

Prayer Declaring God’s Goodness 

I’ve chased many dreams turned into goals,

I’ve pursued many things that were labeled as secular,

Those paths led away from you into worldly roles,

Where anxiety and fears were expected as regular.

You’ve consistently blessed me with your special grace

And this time I’ve received your special lesson:

There’s nothing on earth I ever need to chase,

There’s no place I need to ever be to progressing. 

Right where I’m at, here in your presence

I can tap into peace that can’t be understood

And enjoy your affection, protection, and pleasance,

And declare with confidence that you’re always good.

Prayer for God’s Presence Everywhere

God, I see your presence everywhere.

To hear your voice for me is not at all rare.

Once I finally quit being worldly and blind,

Now in everything your glory I can find.

Anywhere I look, there you are!

In my suffering, you count my every scar.

My pain you turn from dust into beauty

As I follow your calling and fulfill my duty.

God, I don’t need any special presents.

All I want is to continue being in your presence.

I love leaning on you and having you near.

To my heart, your presence is very dear.

Prayer for God’s Leadership

God, lead my walk,

Show me the way.

I’m at a crosswalk

And your will I want to obey.

A desire to fulfill your purpose

Is burning hot in my heart.

Being where I am in life, I feel nervous.

Facing so much adversity has been so hard.

I do trust that your plan is good.

I’m surrendered completely. Do as you wish.

I left behind my childish ways and entered into a Spiritual Adulthood.

I’m ready to serve you and no longer be selfish.

God, Abba, Daddy, Father!

I know you can hear me.

Take charge of my life and lead me further.

Don’t let go of me and please always near be.

Prayer for Revelation of Identity

God, I’m thinking negative thoughts again:

That I’m unworthy, unloved, unwanted, and unimportant.

They paralyze me, depress me, and really drain

All my energy out of me, even being inadvertent.

God, what do you think about me? 

What words do you use to describe me?

What future for my life can you see? 

And after you created me, do you actually like me? 

You can also hear my Christian prayer examples on YouTube right now.


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